Tuesday, September 29, 2015

31 days of Waiting and Trusting

Everything was going along fine. No worries. Sure there were a few bumps in the road, but God and I had it all under control. God was taking care of the here and now. We were trusting Him for the future as well. Then suddenly, everything changed.

It was like someone turned out the lights  The darkness was thick as mud. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. When I turned to look behind me, it was like a cliff where someone had snatched the past out of my life. Even the ground under my feet seemed to be shifting like quicksand.

I called out for help but my words seemed to bounce off the darkness as in a canyon. There was no one around me. I reached out to find a friend or even just something solid to hang on to but there was nothing. My arms were flailing all about, but the more I moved the more the sinking ground sucked me into the abyss.

Then I hear a still small voice saying "Be still, be still". My mind knew that I needed to stop and get control, but my body refused to listen as my arms and feet flew in every direction. I couldn't stop. I could only cry out for help that seemed to never come.


Have you ever felt like this? I imagine most of us have at one time or another. I recently found myself in the muck and mire of betrayal and uncertainty. God has been helping me keep my eyes on Him, but we have a ways to go. I'm still waiting for God to move on my behalf, but I am learning how to be still. I thought maybe some of you might want to join me in learning to Wait on God and Trust His Timing. Are you willing? Come and go with me. I would love the company.


I'm Updating my Story!

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- Mandy

Friday, September 18, 2015


I’m linking up with Kate for Five Minute Friday. The rules are simple.  Type for 5 minutes unedited, link up and comment on the writer before you.
The word  this week “celebrate” 

I'm reminded of a group I sang with during my teen years. It was teens from all different churches in the community. We would learn a new musical each year and then travel around singing it.

I believe the first one I sang in was called "Celebrate Life"

It still comes to mind often  because of  a portion we acted out. The narrator was sharing about the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem through the crucifixion. All the singers left the stage and lined up down the center of the church. 

We began shouting praises and hosannas turning as an imaginary Jesus walked down the aisle. As He got closed the cheers began to turn to jeers and yelling out Crucify Him. 

Suddenly, all was quiet. 

From the back of the room you heard the hammering of the nails that pierced His hands and feet. Those hammers went right through me every time. We probably performed that musical 30 or more times.


 It always affected me the same. And still does when I think about it.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Same Ol' Me

I’m linking up with Kate for Five Minute Friday. The rules are simple.  Type for 5 minutes unedited, link up and comment on the writer before you.
The word  this week “same”

I've been wanting to try to take this challenge to write for five minutes so here goes ...


When I saw this prompt "SAME" the only thing I could think of was the George Jones' song "Same Ol' Me". So I looked up the words and thought it was appropriate for me so decided that is what I should write about. Here are the lyrics ..

  1. Same Ole Me
    Song by George Jones
  2. With time my face has wrinkled but my blue eyes still sparkle
    With the love I felt for you the day we met
    And to me you're just as lovely as the first time I saw you
    Times have changed but our love hasn't yet
    'Cause I'm still the same ol' me loving the same sweet you
    Time hasn't withered our hearts
    And when my days are through I'll still be loving you
    Even death can't keep us apart
    And these hands that once were steady have now begun to tremble
    But when they touch you the same old feelings there
    And your smile is still as special as it was the day we married
    Years haven't changed the love we share

My husband & I have been married for 25 1/2 years and we are still very much in love and nothing will ever change that. He is the most compassionate and loving man I have ever known. He takes such good care of me and the kids. We always come first, I never see him do something just because he wants to do it. He always is considering what everyone else might want.

At a restaurant, he will order something I like, just in case I don't like what I ordered. When we are trying to pick a movie, he chooses one that I would like.


Wow! That didn't take any time at all. 

Here's George Jones sing "The Same Ol' Me"
Written by Paul Overstreet (one of our favorites, by the way)