Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 23 : In The Garden

For the next few days, I'll be sharing my thoughts from a concert I gave at church once I was able to get around and have the stamina to sing more than one song.The concert was not recorded, so I will be sharing the original artist renditions, most of the time.

These days of stillness, have been a great blessing to me. I have grown so close to the Lord. I've realized how much I have been missing by not spending more time each day praying and reading the scriptures.

When I was a child, at church, we would occasionally have an evening when we would have a request night. They would allow people from the congregation to select their favorite hymn to sing. Without fail, there was this little old lady that would request the same song every time. My heart would just sink. I din't like the song. It seemed slow and boring. But the truth was, that I didn't like the song because the words were not meaningful to me. I had not experienced that kind of relationship with God.

But now, this song is very real to me. It is fast moving up my top ten list of favorite hymns. Here's a version of the hymn.

In the Garden 

by Watermark

If you missed the previous songs on the mini-concert, here are the links:

Blessings by Laura Story

Immortal, Invisible by Cynthia Clawson


  1. Beautiful song. I hadn't heard it before.

  2. #1. Happy Birthday Eve!!! I'm an October birthday girl too :)
    #2. I am totally psyched that I got your post. LOVED IT. All three of those songs are great too.


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