Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 28 : On Being Jesus

When it counts, I want to be found belonging to Him, not clinging to my own righteousness based on law, but actively relying on the faithfulness of the Anointed One. This is true righteousness, supplied by God, acquired by faith. I want to know Him inside and out. I want to experience the power of His resurrection and join in His suffering, shaped by His death, so that I may arrive safely at the resurrection from the dead.
Philippians 3:9-11 (The Voice)

Many times as we go down this trail of trials, we find we are more and more alone. 

Not because God has turned his back on us, but because friends forget. 

Life goes on and they return to the busy-ness of their lives and they just forget. 

They forget that others are still in need.

 They forget that caregivers are wearing thin; 

trying to hold everything together while the rest of the world wonders...

"Why don't they come to church?"

"Why didn't she speak to me today?"

"Why don't they come to our parties?"

"Why aren't they performing like they used to?" 

"Why are they acting differently these days?"

It happens to each of us going through the challenge of care-giving. 

It's a lonesome place. A tiresome place. 

And then the inevitable happens.

A friend turns his back on you. Your support system disappears. 

False or exaggerated rumors are passed around..

Or maybe even a job is lost.

Feelings of betrayal and hurt are overwhelming. 

We want to lash out and shake our fists at the world.  Maybe you want to cry out like David did..

Psalm 55:12-14The Voice (VOICE)

12 If it were just an enemy sneering at me,
    I could take it.
If it were just someone who has always hated me, treating me like dirt,
    I’d simply hide away.
13 But it is you! A man like me,
    my old friend, my companion.
14 We enjoyed sweet conversation, walking together in the house of God ...

But shouldn't we respond like Christ? 

Let me ask you this …

What is Christianity?

Is it only for the well ...

 that they should care for the sick, 
the poor, 
and the orphaned?

What about the one that is sick, 
or broke, 
or forgotten and betrayed?

Do they (we) have a part to play in this Christianity?

I say emphatically, "YES!"

 The word Christian means "Little Christ". 

We are to be little Christs. Doing as Jesus would do. 

Was evil spoken of Him?  Yes.

 Were people judgmental of him? Yes. 

Was he betrayed? Yes.

Was he hurt? Oh, Yes.

And what was His response? Love, Kindness, Forgiveness.

We, too, must respond in the same manner. We must remember what He went through for us and do the same. Showing His love and His kindness and His forgiveness to the world.

After all, we may be the only Jesus some people see.

The Cross was terrible for Christ to endure
And our pain and suffering is hard to endure.

But at the same time, Isn't He beautiful?

What about us?

Does the beauty of Jesus shine through our suffering too?

For me, this was not an easy thing. I had to pray every day .. "Forgive them for they know not what they do." And I had to repeatedly whisper to myself . "Grace and love. Grace and love." Until Christ was truly the one shining through me.
 I truly want to experience the power of His resurrection 
and join in His suffering

Selah ~ Stop and think about this

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  1. Wow! The timing of your words are perfect. I am in a season of caregiving currently and I feel very alone many days. Your words were a gentle gift of love for my heart. Thank you and bless you!

    1. So glad I could encourage you. Thanks for reading.

  2. An amazing and authentic testimony for Christ. I know I've been guilty of the opposite side of this. Thanks for the reminder.

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