Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring Is Just Okay

Spring Is Just Okay

© Phil Cornish
Published on May 8, 2014
Spring has sprung, the time has come, for the greening of the trees
A time of change, renewal and growth for my allergies
Like everything else in this great world, Spring has its pluses and minuses
But its features are quite singular when it comes to my poor sinuses
A beautiful time of blossoms and buds, new branches and blue skies
But I can't enjoy them one little bit through my oozing, watery eyes
A neti pot, a nasal rinse, I'll try them, yes I will
I'll even take a 24-hour non-drowsy worthless pill
So listen cheerleaders of flowers and sun, to you I must disclose
Spring is not great for all of us, especially my nose

Printed with permission

Michael & I have been
walking a lot. Sure enjoy the
nearby pond, the geese, &
the new goslings
This spring has been beautiful. The weather  is perfect. We have enjoyed opening the windows and allowing the breeze to come through the house. But Spring in Savannah, GA can also be a challenge because of allergies. It seems just as you get over one allergy, something else blooms!

In spite of this, we are enjoying our new home. Here's a few pictures to let you into our lives.

Michael & I decided that whatever type of tree this is,
we don't want one. See how the bark peels and leaves a mess
Also, it has some type of seed pod that drops seeds
everywhere. Note the pile of seeds in the parking space

MIkaela playing
guitar at church

We also enjoy just sitting at home
listening to Mikaela
play her guitar.

Mandy previewing a book
being released today, May 3
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Mikaela singing with the worship team
Mandy filling in
at the piano

Mandy finished this baby blanket
for a friend.

Brett making us all sound good

New crochet project Mandy has started

Watch for Mandy's new blog series .. 
to begin May 12, Fibromyalgia Awareness Day