Sunday, November 6, 2016

What We Learned in October

This past year or so has been quite a journey. 

The journey has been long but fast. Good but hard. Joyful but distressing.

And here we are getting ready to re-sign our lease on the townhome. We love it here and after going through Hurricane Matthew, we've decided that we live in the best place in greater Savannah.

We had a lot of wind and lost our power for two days, but we were virtually safe. When we came out after the storm, our neighborhood had very little debris while the rest of Savannah has huge live oak trees laying on the ground everywhere . . .  even on our church!

The entrance to our parking lot still has a pile of debris waiting to be removed. I'm surprised we haven't had any accidents with everyone having to enter via the exit and get turned around.

We had to celebrate Mikaela's birthday a week late, but that didn't deter us from having a great time with the Grimes family who has truly become a part of our family. What a blessing!

Speaking of family, we also count it a blessing to now live near Daniel, Tina, and Austin. Their power was out for 5 days. And while they evacuated for the storm, they came home to no power. Plus their fridge stopped working completely. They have been spending a lot of time at our place which we have truly enjoyed! We can't express the joy we have in finally getting to know our grandson. He is an awesome young man.

Daniel & Tina say ...
Hurricanes are beautiful until they mess with your stuff. 
Our GA District camp ground is the best ever. They took in people from the hurricane evacuation and had no way of knowing how to supply food, but God provided.

God is still in the miracle working business. Our home has damage from storm. The insurance co said there was a lapse in our coverage which is not correct we always paid in full annually. The adjuster did his own digging and called the insurance company on the issue and fixed it for us. And our home was covered. The adjuster even called to make sure it all went well making sure the insurance company did not have issues. That was scary knowing that after the fact about our lapse as they said.

Family is the best in times of trouble. Friends that are as close as family too! Our family stepped in and made life much easier in a hard time.
When God is in something you better just hold on because it will be amazing and way cooler than you would ever imagine. And scary too!
October has been a whirlwind full of hardship, scary, crazy good, and awesomeness! Trusting God in all is the way to go in all things, big and small. No matter what He is in control. It would make life easier if we just kept that fact in the forefront no matter what is going on and trust Him if we like it or not, if it hurts or not. He either orchestrated it or let it happen for one reason or another. 
Prayer changes things! 

Brian says ...

I learned this month that babysitting with an actual baby is busy but wonderful. 

Last week, I took care of Sebastian for an afternoon for Robert & Destiny were out. Six diapers, three onesies, two bottles, one washcloth, and several hours later, h
is Mommy & Daddy arrived back home to find a happy little two-month-old boy and his uncle who enjoyed every second spent with him. 

Because he was a month early, Sebastian has some struggles and special procedures to deal with that add just a little bit to the difficulty of caring for him, but it’s such a rewarding experience. Tiring? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. He’s already such a vibrant little guy, full of personality and attitude, and he’s learning more and more about how to interact with people, which just makes him that much more unique.


We're expecting great things ahead on this journey called life. God continues to provide our needs day by day. And we give Him the praise.

As you prepare for the holidays, remember that God is the Master of All. He is in control and He loves each one of us dearly!

Until next month;

Mandy, et al

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