Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lessons Learned in May and June

Is it July already?

I guess it is. I missed June in there somewhere.

So what have we learned in May and June?

1) Mandy says, "You should always carry business cards."

I spoke at a Ladies' Tea for Mother's Day. It was put on by my friend Laura for the ladies at her church. She always does such a jam up job baking and setting a beautiful atmosphere. There were about 50 women in attendance. And I spoke about leaving a legacy for your family. I had one lady speak to me afterward. She said she wanted me to come to her church and speak. I never even thought about giving her a business card or my phone number.

2) Mikaela says, "It's amazing how different things are when you set out with a more positive attitude."

Mikaela took a trip to Kansas City with her Ethan and his family. Leading up to the little trip she was getting a bit distracted about going to work every day. Maybe it was just looking forward to the trip. Anyway, after her trip she set out to have a better attitude about work she found that it made her day so much better

3) Daniel & Tina say, "Stop at every intersection, even when you have the right of way."

Just after they replaced their Jeep, Daniel was involved in a hit and run just down from their house. This family has entirely too many accidents. The insurance company has totaled this one as well. So it's back to car shopping."

4) Mandy says, "Michael is an awesome preacher."   
Michael says "Mandy does a great job, too."
Kids say Nothing!
Michael and I both had an opportunity to speak over Father's Day. I spoke at the Father's Day luncheon. Michael preached a great sermon on Sunday morning!
We also noticed that yougn people need to learn better how to communicate when they are together. Here's a picture of our "kids" at a church "fellowship".
Brett, Daniel, Mikaela, Ethan, Tina

5) Mikaela says, "Rest is important."

After her trip to Kansas, the others at work took their turn at vacation and then her co-worker moved to a different department. Until last week, Mikalea was working pretty steadily. That wasn't really the problem though. She just wants to spend every moment possible with her beau and that  causes her to stay up later than she should. :)  We've all been there I think!
Aren't they just so cute?

6) Our kids are awesome. And they love each other a lot.

Brett, Mikaela, Austin (grandson), Brian, Daniel

Look forward to chatting with you next month!

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See ya in August!

Oh, One more thing. Did you see my memoir post? 

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Actually, We ARE Blessed.

We could list all the things that have gone wrong or trouble us, but why not take a different perspective? God has been so amazingly good to us. And we praise Him for that.

Here are a few reasons to Praise Him ...

1. Salvation. 

We celebrated Easter this month. I often wonder, "Why it is that we are so closed mouth about this the rest of the year? Where would we be without Him?"

2. His Protection. 

Austin was in a car accident this month. The Jeep was totaled, but Austin walked away unharmed!

3. Family.

Everyone was together for the week after Easter. What a joy to enjoy one another in the same place.

4. Extended Family

Tina was even blessed to have her kids and their families visit. Then they all headed to Florida for some time on the beach and at Disney.

Austin, Cody, & Loran

5. New Home.

Daniel and Tina are still loving their new home in the Historic District of Savannah. Of course, having a home brings other blessings too, such as sanding the floors!

6. Great Neighbors

Our sweet neighbor, Sheena is studying to be a stylist. She was asked to help Miss Tennesee for the next level pageant. Sheena has to turn in a portfolio, so she needed a volunteer face. :)  She asked Mikaela to give a few hours of her time. Here are the results ...

7. Great Friends, eh um, I mean boyfriend.

Mikaela & Ethan ~ Easter 2017

8. And we can't forget the GRANDPETS

Brian's AJ

Brian's Chester

Daniel & Tina's Lexie

So, What are your blessings this month?

 Leave us a note in the comments.

Love & Blessings!

The Farmers

Thursday, April 6, 2017

No Fooling : It's April!

You know what they say. March comes in like a Lion and out like a lamb!
We blew right through March but had some nice turn of events as well.


Mikaela started a job at the local "bread store". This is one of those little stores that sell day old bread. She is enjoying the work AND the paycheck.

Brett also accepted a new position as assistant manager at a local sports store, Thompson's Sporting Goods. They deal in team uniforms, equipment & trophies.


Michael had an opportunity to fill-in at the Bloomingdale Church of the Nazarene one Sunday this month. I may be biased but I thought he did a jam up job. He'll be preaching on Palm Sunday at Harvest Church where we attend. Churches can contact us anytime for supply work.

Mandy has her first speaking engagement set in May. She'll be speaking at a Mother-Daughter Tea. Pray for her as she pulls together her topic.  You can still sign up to receive her devotions twice a week.

Just click here >> How Long, Oh Lord?

Keep us in your prayers. Health issues keep popping up for both of us. And speaking seems to take just about everything out of us.


Over at Daniel & Tina's place, we celebrated Austin's 18th birthday. Can you believe that? Where did the time go? Michael was also privileged to participate in Austin's baptism as he re-dedicated his life to the Lord!

See ya next month!

The Farmers
Michael & Mandy
Daniel, Tina, Austin
Brian, Brett, Mikaela

Thursday, March 2, 2017

It's March & Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is definitely in the air as we cough and sneeze and fight allergies!
But there's a little excitement too!

Mandy just submitted and was PAID to write a series of devotions for the Church of the Nazarene Women's Ministries. It was an assignment right up her alley, though she was surprised when the request came with no prompting from her. They aren't yet available to you, but soon!

Mandy also gave a devotion at her local ladies' event called "If Christians were Chocolate." She compared the testing of our faith to the testing of good chocolate.

If you are less than 2.5 hours drive from Savannah and your church is interested in having Mandy come and share at your event, please contact her.

Michael is also available to do pastoral supply work. Contact us when you start planning your vacation.
Mandy and Michael would also be willing to speak together and present their message, "How to Handle What's Handling You"

 The kids are well.
And by the way, that extra guy smiling in the middle is Ethan Grimes. He is sweet on Mikaela. :)

Austin, Mikaela, Ethan, Brett

Daniel and Tina celebrated 20 years of marriage this past month

And just to prove that spring really has sprung, here are a few photos which were mostly taken by grandson Austin.


Do you see the pollen on the car?

Well, until April ....
The Farmers