Thursday, March 2, 2017

It's March & Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is definitely in the air as we cough and sneeze and fight allergies!
But there's a little excitement too!

Mandy just submitted and was PAID to write a series of devotions for the Church of the Nazarene Women's Ministries. It was an assignment right up her alley, though she was surprised when the request came with no prompting from her. They aren't yet available to you, but soon!

Mandy also gave a devotion at her local ladies' event called "If Christians were Chocolate." She compared the testing of our faith to the testing of good chocolate.

If you are less than 2.5 hours drive from Savannah and your church is interested in having Mandy come and share at your event, please contact her.

Michael is also available to do pastoral supply work. Contact us when you start planning your vacation.
Mandy and Michael would also be willing to speak together and present their message, "How to Handle What's Handling You"

 The kids are well.
And by the way, that extra guy smiling in the middle is Ethan Grimes. He is sweet on Mikaela. :)

Austin, Mikaela, Ethan, Brett

Daniel and Tina celebrated 20 years of marriage this past month

And just to prove that spring really has sprung, here are a few photos which were mostly taken by grandson Austin.


Do you see the pollen on the car?

Well, until April ....
The Farmers