Monday, June 1, 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine Update From the Farmers

It's been since Christmas that I have posted at the Farmers Place. 

It's time for an update following a Simple Woman's Daybook.

Looking out my window

Three of our children are on their own. They have shared some pictures as well.

View from our bay window

Brian's place in Minnesota
Out Daniel and Tina's front window
from Kaela and Ethan's bedroom

I am thinking

How blessed we are. We learned in January that we had to move out of our so loved townhouse. God was gracious in providing a lovely ground floor two bedroom apartment within walking distance from our daughter! He also provided all the funds to make the move and buy some much-needed appliances.

I am thankful

We were able to get moved in and out of the townhouse just in time before the COVID-19 quarantine. We are enjoying the new apartment though we haven't had an opportunity to meet neighbors. Or really so how normal life will flow from here.

One of my favorite things

crocheting - see below

I am creating

I just finished this I Heart Scraps Baby Blanket for my cousin's grandbaby.
 It was received just in time for the arrival of their baby girl!
I used the scraps leftover from the stained glass blanket I made for my daughter.

Mikaela, the inventor, used pieces from items she was throwing away
to make this lap desk.

Daniel, Tina, & Austin had to say goodbye to their beloved Doberman Pinscher, 
Lexie early this year. Mikaela painted this picture for them.

 Tina made some face masks for her boss.
She also painted her porch furniture this beautiful color of teal.
Doesn't it look awesome?

I am wearing

We're wearing pajamas a lot these days. I'm wearing some Lula Rue's pants that Mikaela found for me at a yard sale. They are so comfortable, especially for my fibro pain. Just enough pressure on my legs to ease the pain and restless legs. They are my go-to choice during the quarantine.

Tina, our daughter-in-law, wears and sells her beautiful magnabilities jewelry. It's amazing. You purchase the style of a pendant you like. Then you buy magnetic inserts to match your mode, your clothes, the season. You can even take a picture of your own and create a personal insert like the one shown here with a photo of her children. Go to her webpage and check out the possibilities.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to

Iner Disciplines
I'm reading Disciplines of the Inner Life by  Bob Benson along with my devotions each morning. And basing my blog writings on what I am learning.
This year I am also reading and watching true stories/biographies like I am Malala, How one Girl Stood up for Education and Changed the World
Another awesome movie based on a book was The Same Kind of Different. Read my review on my other blog. And Hidden Figures which has not been review just yet.
My favorite podcast right now is Emily P. Freeman's The Next Best Thing

The Shining
Mikaela said, We recently just watched the Stephen King movies The Shining and Dr. Sleep, which are a series kind of. And now I am going back and reading the book The Shining. Maybe eventually I will get the Dr. Sleep book. I find that it is way better for me, and anyone watching the movie with me, to watch the movie adaptation first and THEN read the book and see how it's supposed to go.

Tina said, I went to go check on a couple of my amazing neighbor ladies and they were telling me about how they loved watching “Hank” on Chicago PD. They told me they never miss it and people know not to call or bother them at that time. Haha! So, I decided to start at Season 1 episode 1. Oh my goodness... 
I love this show! The next day I had to go tell these ladies they got me hooked!


Brian says I'm watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe films in chronological order while I'm on leave from Delta. And reading a series of choose-your-own-adventure books on the Oregon Trail that Mikaela sent me.

I am hoping

I am hoping that this COVID-19 Stay at home edict can be over soon.
I've been fine but really getting a bit stir crazy.
And I need to go to Nebraska to visit my parents.
They have just moved into assisted living, against their wishes.
Here is my Brother's family having a window visit with them.

I am learning

I learned about the Five Solas recently with the online Bible Study I participate in.
I have been commissioned to write for them as well! Join us and you will hear from me on He ~ El Gibhor ~ The Mighty God later this month.

In my kitchen

I think I have now replaced all my major appliances down to my hand mixer.
Just before moving, our washing machine quit on us. Fortunately, the apartment complex rents them for $20/month. What we really wanted to get was a chest freezer because the tiny little freezer above the provided fridge just does not hold much.
Unfortunately, This COVID craze sent everyone and the brother out for a freezer to hoard on meats and frozen foods. So, when we got ready to start looking there were no freezers to be found. Two weeks ago, our son Brett, walked into a furniture store and asked, "I think I know the answer, but would you happen to have any freezers?" 
They said, "We just got some in today, but already we only have 2 left and they are small 5cu. chest freezers." 
He responded, "That's exactly what I am looking for. I'll take one of them." (The other one was sold over the phone while they did the paperwork on his purchase.)
Then, last week our clothes dryer stopped. Thank God for a stimulus check that paid for a washer-dryer set. Next, my hand mixer quit. I was glad to find a Kitchenaid hand mixer. It was rated the best AND it also happens to be the lightest on sold which is helpful for this old Chronic Pain Warrior.

In the Schoolroom

We no longer have any school-age children. But I would like to encourage those of you who have found yourself homeschooling against your will. Don't get stressed over this. Your child is going to do fine. Enjoy spending time with them. One thing I learned quickly was when it gets stressful, it is time for a little break. Go outside for 15 minutes ~ play or have a snack or even just do a little exercise. When you return, things won't seem quite so bad.
I loved having my children at home and learning right alongside them.
We homeschooled from kindergarten to senior high.

In my Garden

We don't have a garden but I would love to create some kind of garden or bird sanctuary outside our bay window. It's about a 6'x6' area. We are thinking to put some kind of border along the sidewalk to keep the leaves from blowing on the walk. This would make our door a little more noticeable for the delivery people. And I'm thinking it would be beneficial to plant something that deters the mosquitos and other unwanted pests.

Our oldest, Daniel is the gardener in the family. You can see his back yard on the left above and some flowers they have on the front porch. 

Board room

I'm a little slack at posting on Pinterest, but my handle is GGMandy
You can find me on Instagram  @Mandy_Holds_u_Up

Post Script

Have you checked out my Blog with Michele Bruxvoort?
I love her writing and mine is OK. :)
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Shared Quote

An Appropriate Prayer from Disciplines for the Inner Life

O God, you have made us for fellowship, and have given us the power both to help and harm our fellows, grant us the wisdom to know what is their good, and the ready will to help them attain it. Heal those we have wounded, strengthen those whom we have failed, grant us all your healing grace, and make our fellowship to be your family, through Jesus Christ our Lord. - Norman B. Nash in Daily Prayer Companion

A moment from my day

All I do is blog and visit doctors! :)

Closing Notes

I do ask your prayers for me. 
I am having some shortness of breath and lightheadedness. I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test this weak. Michael is also having to tweak his BP meds which has things "all stirred up"

With Love from the Farmers


  1. Thank you for the lovely photos and great update! I am continuing to keep you in my prayers!

  2. I'll be praying too ❤❤❤

  3. I'll be praying too ❤❤❤


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