Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Old Scribblings

I was looking through on old Bible of mine and found an envelope with scribbling on it.

It was a poem or song that the Lord gave me one day back in my single working days. I was flying to a work site when the words just came tumbling out. All I had to write on was an envelope that was stuck in my Bible. (This was pre- cell phone days)

 I remember working on a tune with a friend but that's all I can remember. Maybe I'll give this to my daughter, she might get inspired with a tune. :)

He left His throne up in heaven
  To pay a debt that I owed
He rose again to redeem me
  I've got to let others know

Who'll tell the world of Jesus
   of His power divine?
Who'll tell of his great salvation?
   We've got to let our light shine.

One day He'll take me to glory;
  I'll stand before Him that day
Will I bring other souls with me?
  Has my light shown the way?

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