Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is There Hope for a Nation?

Jeremiah 2:7-8 English Standard Version (ESV)  
And I brought you into a plentiful land  to enjoy its fruits and its good things.
But when you came in, you defiled my land  and made my heritage an abomination.
The priests did not say, ‘Where is the Lord?’   
 Those who handle the law did not know me;
the shepherds transgressed against me;
the prophets prophesied by Baal and went after things that do not profit.

We were given a great heritage in this country.  But we have trampled on the life and death of our forefathers and those who fought for our freedoms, much more, we have trampled on God.

Is there still hope  for our nation? I say "YES" ... 



2 Chronicles 7:14  English Standard Version (ESV)

  If my people who are called by my name
[that is, we Christians ~ The Church]

 humble themselves,
[Let loose of our "entitlements"; Let loose of what we THINK is important]

and pray
[Get down on your knees and stay there for more than two minutes; talk with God, have a conversation with him, listen to what He has to say]

 and seek my face
[if something is lost we spend more than a few minutes searching for it. We keep looking until we find it. We don't accept alternatives or replacements, we want the real thing]

 and turn from their wicked ways
[We as Christians are allowing sin to creep into our lives; calling is disease and mistakes, or comparing ourselves to others and justifying ourselves as not being that bad; WE NEED TO STOP IT AND LIVE HOLY LIVES]

[and only then]

 I will hear from heaven
[We need to get rid of our disobedience before God can hear us]

 and will forgive their sin 
[repentance must come first - including the change of actions and the attitude of our hearts before God can forgive.]

and heal their land.
[become healthy again; ease our pain; correct or put right]

So, you see, it's our own hearts that need to be rent. God will take care of the rest. God is pleading with us to turn to Him.

Shall we pray?

“Behold, we come to you,
    for you are the Lord our God.
23 Truly the hills are a delusion,
    the orgies on the mountains.
Truly in the Lord our God
    is [our salvation].
24 “But from our youth the shameful thing has devoured
all for which our fathers labored,
their flocks and their herds,
their sons and their daughters.
25 Let us lie down in our shame,
and let our dishonor cover us.
For we have sinned against the Lord our God,
we and our fathers, from our youth even to this day.
and we have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God.”
Jeremiah 2:22b-25

Blessings & Love;


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