Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14 : The Story Behind the Song : Whom Shall I Fear?

Whom Shall I Fear?
(God of Angel Armies)

The spring after my chronic pain began I had a Ladies Luncheon at the church. I wanted to encourage those going through private pain, but more than that I wanted to encourage the caretakers. We ask a local preacher's wife to come and share about her recent journey with cancer. I also had a young lady from the church sing this song. It was an awesome day together.

Listen to Chris Tomlin share about the writing of this song.

Whom Shall I Fear .. Chris Tomlin


I’ve been reading 3-5 Psalms and 1 Proverb every day. I challenge you to give it a try.. Try this one today:

Psalm 14                                                     My Joy Dare
Psalm 44                                                          1. Music 
Psalm 74                                                          2. Scripture
Psalm 104                                                        3. Song writers
Psalm 134

Waiting & Singing,


  1. Thanks Amanda for sharing that story! What a great song... so full of promise! Thanks for sharing your story too!!

  2. I love this song! Thanks for sharing! So sorry about your chronic pain. :(


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