Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 21 : Story Behind the Song : Blessings

Many are the plans in a person's heart,
but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

In February 2011, a friend invited us to go on a cruise with him and his wife. He has been asking us for years to go with him. It finally, worked out for us to do so and we had a lovely time; however, when we stepped back on land, I could not get my land legs back. My body just continued to bounce around like I was in a little boat. It didn't make me dizzy, nor nauseous, I just had this feeling of bouncing or like the floor was a trampoline.

This was 6 months before my chronic pain rose it's ugly head. In about May, my son came home one day and said, "You need to hear this song". I listened and loved it. I bought the accompaniment track so that I could sing it the next time I was scheduled to sing.

Who knew what I was about to be dealing with. Not only still dealing with the Dis-embarquement Syndrome but the added pain issues.

Enjoy this song, Blessings and Laura Story's story behind the song.



  1. That is one of my fave songs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had the privilege of hearing her in concert. Her perspective on difficult circumstances really was a blessing to hear. Thanks for sharing for your story!


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