Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 22 :Lifting Praise

On Day 21,  I shared the story and song "Blessings" with you. This has become a very special song to me because I know that it came out of the trials of Laura Story's life. It makes it even more real to me; plus, encourages me to know that others are going through their own pain.

Two years in, on my journey, I felt well enough to give a mini-concert at church. For the next few days, I would like to share the things I shared at that concert, one song at a time. My concert didn't get recorded, so I'll be sharing videos of the original artist.

I already shared about Blessings, so we'll move on from there.

In those early days of terrible pain, while I was flat on my back, there was only one thing to do  ... LOOK UP! The one thing that I kept regular in those days was to focus on the One True God. I spent my time worshiping Him, talking to Him, listening to Him. It's the only thing that got me through.

Immortal, Invisible by Cynthia Clawson

Thanks for reading and listening.

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