Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 29 : Remember

Psalm 77:11 New Living Translation

But then I recall all you have done, O Lord;

    I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago.

As you may be well aware of, it usually takes much longer than 31 days to wait and trust on God's ultimate plan. This month I have remembered what God has done for me for the past 4 years. Remembering His blessings makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes we need help remembering other things. Like when to take our medications. Remembering to pray for others.  Here are some apps that might help you remember.


MED HELPER PRO. When I was first sick, it was vitally important to take medications in a timely manner. We found this free app that would keep records and give reminders throughout the day. You can track everyone in the family, record vitals, doctors appointments, prescriptions, and more

MANGO HEALTH. I recently came across this app that has a free version. It will track and remind for medications, warn of conflicts between medications, track blood pressure, track exercise.
If you stay on track you receive points for a weekly drawing for gift cards and donations to charities.

PATIENTS LIKE ME. Another excellent website that will keep track of everything. Prescriptions, surgeries, diagnosis, pain levels, personal notes. You can connect with our patients that have the same problems. You can chat personally or on a forum about different issues, medications, you name it. You can print out a sheet for your doctor before an appointment. It will list your meds, graphs showing how your pain or symptoms have been. I really like this sight.


YOU VERSION.  A Bible app with 1,000s of reading plans for any and every situation. You can choose from many versions of the Bible. You can connect with friends. I like this for accountability. Also have learned about different reading plans that have been helpful. You can share verses on social media, texting, etc.You can highlight verses and make notes.. even keep you sermon notes with it.

FIRST 5. Proverbs 31 Ministries has developed an app this fall. Studying with millions all over the world. You'll get a little reminder in the morning and then a Bible study. It doesn't take but 5 minutes / 5 days a week with a video with the leaders on Saturday. They are about to finish the book of Genesis and will begin Matthew in November, I'm very impressed.

PRAYER POPPER.  This prayer app is pretty awesome. Easily enter the people you want to pray for. There's a place for notes. Choose how often to prayer for them. Choose how many times to be reminded to pray each day. Mark request as answered. Sorry only available for Android.

I always love a good men's quartet, so let's finish up with this

Waiting & Remembering!


  1. 31 days - we're almost done! I will miss it in a way! How about you?

    1. Yes. I will.I have really enjoyed reading as well as writing and plan to go back and read some I missed. My husband is encouraging me to continue writing often.

  2. Such a practical and helpful post!!! Thanks for sharing those apps and a little explanation of each of them!!!


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