Thursday, October 6, 2016

Life is a Whirlwind!

It's like a Hurricane Here.

I'm sitting here watching the weather channel as Hurricane Matthew leaves it's path across the Caribbean and heads toward Florida.

Here in Georgia, we are on alert to be evacuated out of the area. The islands will begin evacuation in the morning. Already, there are no hotel rooms to be had in Georgia since the whole east coast of Florida and South Carolina has been evacuated.

When we talked with Brian (in Cairo, GA) last night, he checked to see about the possibility of getting a room in Cairo. The clerk told him that when she came in to work, there were 60 rooms available, but last night there were only 5 left.

It's looking like we may be able to stay here in Pooler and just ride out the winds. Brett's work hasn't released anyone to leave and it doesn't look like he plans to do so. So just put in a prayer for us. The worst of it will come through over night on Friday and Saturday morning.

Today is Mikaela's birthday!

We were planning a birthday bash with some friends on Saturday, but that is going to have to wait for another weekend.  :(

Can you believe that Mikaela is 20 years old? She is certainly turning out to be a beautiful, talented young lady!

Here she is playing guitar and singing for the worship team at Harvest Church of the Nazarene.

Monday, I wrote a blog post "Hurricane Preparedness for Life's Storms"

I took the Write31Days Challenge again this year to write on my blog every day in October. You can check out my "Treasure Trove of Ministry Helps" and share them with all your friends in the ministry. I'm giving away a few prizes, too. So go sign up!

Speaking of prizes ....

This is post #59 on the The Farmer's Place and my Leaving a Legacy blog will post #300 this week. Plus, my memoirs blog, Raised in a Barn will post number #60 this month. That's a total of over 400 posts. So .....  how about a free CD of the Dawson Girls, Papa's Daughters ~ For all You Done. My sisters and I made this back on mom and dad's 50th anniversary (which was 10 years ago already). My brother, LeAdam helped us record it and he says he can make a CD or two and mail them out to you.
If you would like one, I will be drawing a name from those who post on this blog or at the Raised in a Barn blog. I'll be drawing a name on my birthday, October 25th! So go ahead and make a comment below. :)

Speaking of Raised in a Barn

I wrote a post about the farm being a place with open arms last month. "Grafted Into the Family". You need to go read it and be sure to read the comments. This post prompted Pedro De Los Santos to share part of his own memoirs that talks about coming to the farm and the effect it had on his life. Then his brother Miguel has promised to write me as well. You better go subscribe so that you don't miss anything.

So did anything else exciting happen this past month? Did we learn anything new?  hmmmm.......

 ... Evidently, there was something in the water about 9 months ago. Here's a few pictures from close friends and family. It seems everyone is having a baby.... even a set of twins!


"great niece"

"friend of the family"

Sophie                     Logan
My good friend became a grandma .... twins!

 Brian is still amused by the Grandcats!

 I learned that receipts are the best cat toys. With all the money I've spent on toy balls, mice, and various other feline playthings, A.J. gets hours of enjoyment out of batting and chasing wadded up receipts. His daily exercise level has increased exponentially. - Brian

Finally and not surprising

God's timing is always perfect.

He keeps on providing our every need, day by day, as we need it. No new jobs have been acquired, but the funds to pay the bills keep showing up! He is the God Who Sees Us and He never leaves us in need or begging for bread.

Here's a bit of exciting news from Daniel and Tina ....

Tina said,  "We have been reminded when God wants to do something He doesn't have to wait on you. In a matter of 2 weeks max, we were able to pay off our home, sell it, and put an offer on another home in Savannah. We all 3 love this house.  We are trusting God thru it all and know it is right. We had a list of 13 houses and got it down to 5. In the end we looked at 2. Decided the one we initially went to cross off the list is indeed the one we are putting a bid on. No one can tell me God is dead or doesn't move in the lives of His people. If we are willing to do it His way... He is willing to move mountains. Miracle upon miracle has happened to get us this far. God is always worth everything He asks us to do or not do!
so ... you best come back next month to get rest of the story!

Well, that's about it for September. Don't forget to comment if you want a chance to win the Papa's Daughters CD.

Leaning on Him!

Mandy, et al.

This handmade stadium blanket would make a great Christmas gift! They are available for $150. My family says they will let me buy green and gold, for you Packer fans. There's a discount for family members, just text me ... or leave a comment ... you might win the CD too!