Thursday, December 12, 2019

Merry Christmas from the Farmers!

December 2019

I recently read that joy comes from gratitude. We may often think that gratitude follows Joy, but they have actually proven scientifically that when we express gratitude, it makes a connection in our brains and we become joyful. Below we have shared several things for which we are grateful to God this year. He has been wondrously good to us.
 We challenge you to start a gratitude journal next year. You will be surprised how much God is doing for you. And you might feel a little joyful along the way.

Wishing you a season filled with the joy of the Lord,
Merry Christmas from the Farmers

Gratitude Journal for 2019
1) 2018 Christmas cash gifts paid for two tires for the car and
2) much needed and overdue eyeglasses for both Michael and Mandy
3) tax return paid for an air purifier for allergies and some needed clothing items
4) Health Insurance rebate paid $1,000+ on our medical bills.
5) Our benefits were renewed! These benefits pay our health insurance premiums and pays all of Mandy’s co-pays!
6) We found more ways to save on our auto insurance. (getting older does have it’s benefits)
7) Tina was hired at Days Inn and was fast promoted to manager. (a real God thing here!)
8) Ethan received a promotion at FedEx.
9) Mikaela & Ethan were able to acquire a second car.
10)  Harvest Church called a new pastor.
11)  Mikaela and Brian both gave us their old cell phones (better than what we had) plus all the kids committed to pay Michael’s cell phone fees saving us $30 a month. They didn’t like that we canceled his cell phone to balance the budget.
1)  Brian found a larger, nicer apartment in Burnsville, MN and moved in September.

2)  Brian bought us an external hard drive to store our stash of movies and TV shows!
3)  MRI for Mandy’s left shoulder shows it needs to be replaced. Surgery is not possible due to her unstable C1-C2, but injection has helped immensely with the pain.
4)  Brett was rear-ended & his car totaled. However, enough money was given on the settlement to pay off all his debt and put a nice down payment on a new car!
5)  A new laptop from Brian is keeping Mandy writing and blogging. Mandy was commissioned to write devotions for the general Church of the Nazarene and also to write Bible Studies online at
6)  Michael started preaching twice a month at the Bloomingdale Church since their pastor resigned in September.
7)  We received another reimbursement from health insurance for $200+ which helped restock on pantry shelves.
8)  We received pastor appreciation gifts from both Savannah churches.
9)  We were safe from any effects of Hurricane Dorian.
10)  Mandy received a generous birthday gift of cash which she used to purchase a small Christmas tree and more yarn for her crocheting projects.
11)  Michael’s polycythemia has improved with needing only two phlebotomies this whole year. Check-ups stretched to every 2 months.
12)  Brian started a job in November at Delta in Minneapolis. He was one of a few selected out of thousands of applicants. So many wonderful benefits. He is very happy with the position.
13)  The Bloomingdale church gave us an abundant Thanksgiving basket including a whole turkey and everything needed for the whole meal.
14)  Mandy only had to visit Mayo Clinic once this year. She’s had more joint pain but the general consensus is that it’s your basic osteoarthritis. All the crazy accidents on the farm are catching up with her.
15)  Occasionally, one of the kids will just decide to put gas in our car. What a blessing.
16)  November brought to mind that we have been living in the Savannah area for four years now. We are still so thankful for the way God provided us a place to live in HarmonyTownes.
17)  Mikaela reminded us that it’s been 3 years since she and Ethan starting dating. Married 1 1/2 years now!
18)   We are eternally grateful to family and friends who have given us cash or provided food just at the right time this year. We are blessed.
19)  Speaking of anniversaries, Michael and Mandy will celebrate 30 years of marriage on December 31. Not sure how that happened. I guess time flies when you are having fun.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because we didn’t share all the answers to prayer for other friends and family that God has answered gloriously. It has been an awesome year. So, again, we encourage you to start a gratitude journal. You will be so surprised at all God is doing


  1. I don't think you know what an inspiration you are to me. Without saying a word but just when I seem to need it most I'll be tagged by you with a gently reminder about your prayer for me or I'll hear from you. Your working "behind the scenes " means the world to me & you are on MY gratitude list every day. I'm so glad you're my friend, dear one.

    1. Well, you just blessed me! Sometimes a person can wonder if they are doing any eternal good. :) I remind myself that the best things we do will not be known until we are in heaven looking back. God bless you!

  2. Merry Christmas to your family! It is neat to see all of the provisions our Father has provided for you all! I love the idea of a gratitude journal! We often forget all that He has done for us! So blessed!


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